Two Years of Service (Adam S. Capwell)

Sgt. Zylath said:

I think I will now return my most overused joke. Every six months, we in DP3S1 meme about how Cpl. Capwell has really only been here for x months?, but now, having reached his 2 years with us, I feel it is time to retire the joke. Capwell has now found what is at the end of the rainbow: the desire to horde an inexplicable number of more rainbows. Tasteless jokes aside, I really need to express just how amazing these past two years with Capwell have been. He entered DP3S1 with some (highly aggressive) convincing from his friend T/5 Fleming, and for the first quarter of his time with us, he was pretty low key. This guy didn’t speak out much, he didn’t go out of his way to be too involved. He just hung around for the ride. But damn, he was a good shot, and damn, he had some talent for decision making. So, I spent the second quarter of his time here (highly aggressively) hounding him to give leadership a try. He very, very timidly accepted and went into SLT. And of course, he did incredibly well. In his third quarter with us, when T/5 Wallison had to step down from his position as ASL, Capwell (with some highly aggressive convincing) accepted the position, although he was very timid and reserved about it. Then, in his fourth quarter, with DBotS in full swing, Capwell (highly aggressively) finds himself doing all the things I used to do, telling me about them, and making me feel slightly ashamed at how well he does it without any involvement from myself. But, that shame is far overshadowed by the pride that I have in him, for how much he has achieved and the leader he has become. Capwell has become a closer friend and peer than I ever would have thought possible a year ago, and his excellence and fervor are the fire behind DP3S1’s success. Congratulations on two years; it’s been a wild ride, and I wouldn’t want to be in the driver’s seat with anybody but you, Capwell.