Two Years of Service (Alex W. Zylath)

Cpl. Wallison said:

I’ve personally known Sgt. Zylath just after he was given his Cpl. and ASL position of DP3S1. In that time I’ve seen him go from following in Sgt. Lord’s large footsteps to make the squad even greater in all the right directions. As Corporal, Zylath started working with the squad individually and building up their skills in communication, AIT’s, and combat awareness. Now Sergeant, he has only increased his goals. Never satisfied with the now, eyes firmly set on reaching ever greater heights. Everyone’s skills have come so far with his guidance and incredible ability to bring the best out of one and all. Recently, Sgt. Zylath led DP3S1 through DBotS. Spending countless hours finding positions hand picked for each squad member’s expertise. Running practice drills almost everyday to ensure we could get as far as we could, earning S1 4th place. Sgt. Zylath’s not only snappy with a plan, but leading a team great or small into battle comes as easy as breathing. I couldn’t see DP3S1 in more capable hands. We all hope to see you lead us to victory time and time again for years to come. Congratulations and thank you Sgt. Zylath from all of us here in DP3S1 on your 4th AOCC and 1st World War One Victory Medal.

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Congratulations Sgt. Zylath. Welcome to the rainbow club!

Congrats on 2 years TP buddy!

Welcome to the rainbow club

Two years! And what a two years its been, welcome to the Rainbow club Sgt!