Two Years of Service (Brett M. Formosa)

Cpl. Guyette said:

PFC Formosa and I go way back. I remember getting assigned and first meeting him in the ol’ EP2S4. They were great times and he would dominate with the grenadier. He soon discharged and breaks the whole squad’s heart, but it was only a tease. PFC Formosa comes back, picks up AR and starts dominating the battlefield with that thing (he might tell you otherwise). He then proceeds to follow me to FP2S3, where he currently resides, and is the “squad’s pessimist” (as he says). Using his experience from the past 2 years of being in the unit, he critiques the squad and is always wanting to see us improve. The squad is lucky to have a pessimist like you. Congrats on 2 years and i’ll see you at 3!

Nice rainbow you got there, congrats Formosa!