Two Years of Service (Carson Jacob)

Cpl. Quartz said:

I joined the 29th a few months after PFC Jacob, entering alongside him as a member of FP2S2. Since then, suffice it to say, Jacob has been around the block. Having been a member of every single squad an FP2, Jacob has found a third home here in S1 – in my squad once again. And I’m pleased to have him! Jacob’s a really cool dude. He’s one of those guys who doesn’t let bad days get in the way of having fun here. He’s also, quite frankly, very good at spotting things. He’s a go-to FTL here in FP2S1, and one of the best communicators in the squad! I respect him quite a bit, both as a person and a player, and I’m glad to be able to do this: Congratulations on your 4th AoCC, PFC Jacob! Can’t wait to see you earn many more!