Two Years of Service (Christopher J. Velarde-Verneuil)

Cpl. Hamilton said:

There’s not a whole lot to say about PFC VV that I haven’t already said before. He’s a veteran member of EP3S3, first joining during it’s brief stint as 3S4, and has always been someone we can depend on. His skills in game have always been great, whether it’s with a rifle or some form of explosives VV really knows how to rack up kills. His personality is his biggest contribution to the squad though, we can always count on him to crack jokes about or laugh hysterically at any situation we encounter ourselves in. It’s been a pleasure having PFC VV in the squad and it’s even nicer to see that he’s been here for 2 years now. Congratulations on your 4th AoCC and World War 1 Victory medal VV!

aocc_box ww1v