Two Years of Service (Christopher M. Cowles)

Cpl. Winston said:

In the 29th, there are those who are recognized for going that extra mile to help out the unit, whether it be via maintaining a staff position or some other venture. Suffice to say that PFC Cowles more than fulfills that criteria. One of PFC Cowles’ most notable accomplishments is his recruiting record. Currently, he has been consistently recruiting for well over a year with 156 recruits to his name currently, which is a number that will undoubtedly increase for the foreseeable future. The effect of recruiting so many people into the unit has been immeasurable, and it is no exaggeration to say that the unit would be different without Cowles introducing so many new members to it. Another important aspect of PFC Cowles is his presence both during and outside of drills. From both a gameplay and participation perspective, PFC Cowles fulfills all of the criteria of what a veteran member should strive to be. Along with his impact on the unit as a whole being large, PFC Cowles has excelled in helping his squadmates improve their gameplay skills, and is always happy to provide our newest members with advice. PFC Cowles’ most recent accomplishment has been him taking the role of clerk, where he has perfectly integrated into the position in a short amount of time, almost as if paperwork is completely natural for him. All of these qualities that Cowles possesses stem from a remarkable motivation to always improve and assist the unit in any way he can. To conclude, I am proud to have Cowles in the squad, and the 29th just wouldn’t be the same without him, so congrats PFC Cowles on two years of service and I hope you’ll be around for even longer!


Congratulations Cowles! Hopefully you stick around for many more!

Get a load of that guy :sunglasses:
Congratulations my American friend

Very nice my man! Hope to see that double rainbow in another two years!

Very cool PFC Cowles, I hope to see many more of these!

Wow, two years and we still can’t get your name right!

Congratulations PFC Cowles!