Two Years of Service (Ciro A. Maestas)

Cpl. Moran said:

Cpl. Maestas is one of those 29th members that everyone knows, he’s a household name throughout Second Battalion. He’s proven himself on the battlefield for his rather impressive rifle, combat engineer, and now crewman AITs! He’s laid down those weapons and just recently become the Squad Lead of FP2S2, taking up the reins after 2Lt. Mell’s commission. His ability to analyze and lead troops in battle is second to none. However, we aren’t here to celebrate Cpl. Maestas’ combat or leadership skills, we’re here to commemorate his time served. Two whole years! Congratulations Cpl. Maestas on your fourth AoCC and first rainbow!


Congratulations on the milestone Corporal! Enjoy the rainbow!

Congrats, stick around.