Two Years of Service (Dan Murray)

Sgt. Zylath said:

I have a hard time believing that it’s been two years. I remember it fondly, as if it was yesterday: Privates Scovel, Murray, and Zilath, all fresh faced and running around DP3S1, eager to make names for themselves. We never thought past becoming PFC. That promotion was the end all be all of our 29th careers. Now, two years in, we all find ourselves NCOs. And, although Murray is the final member of the group to get his rainbow, his might be the most well-earned. Murray has, for over a year now, been an absolutely stellar clerk for DP3. He’s been T/5 for nearly as long as I’ve been an NCO. Let’s go through the customary laundry list of his achievements. Murray has, in two short years, proven himself as a top-notch clerk, earned a spot as an instructor with Ordnance Corps, earned a bronze star in a DP3 scrimmage, and otherwise made himself an absolute fixture of DP3 and, indeed, Dog Company. Am I rambling? Yes, I am, because this is a celebration of Murray’s excellence, and a very special member deserves a very special quote. To be blunt, Murray: you’re key to the culture and experience of DP3S1, and you continue to make amazing contributions on a platoon and company level. Now go get another rainbow.

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Congratulations on sticking with us for so long, and I look forward seeing you another 2 years at least!

Congratulations T/5 Murray! Well deserved.