Two Years of Service (Daniel K. Dawdy)

Sgt. Lord said:

Cpl. Dawdy has been with the unit for some time now. In that time he has seen quite a bit change from the time he first entered our doors to his time now. When he first joined us it was in the days of Able, but unfortunately for all he was forced away from the unit only for him to finally come back and plant his feet to stay. He came back to us with ambition and dedication in droves. He was put in DP3 and was put to work. He was put into SLT and soon found his way into squad leadership. He went for ASL to SL and took it in stride, and truly made his mark on platoon. DP3 would not be the same without Cpl. Dawdy, but that did not end there. He wanted to make DP3 and the whole for Dog better and came up with pathfinder school. All this in two years. He is quite the go getter and makes his mark where ever he goes. Congratulations on your fourth AOCC and your 1st World War One Victory Medal.

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Congrats on the rainbow, Cpl.!

Awesome man, congrats Dawdy!