Two Years of Service (Enis Grcic)

Cpl. Cassano said:

Cpl. Grcic has reached a big milestone in his service length. That mark is the 2 year mark. Within those two years, Cpl. Grcic has grown from a Pvt. and PFC who lacks a filter on what he’s saying, to an responsible and authoritative NCO within the 29th. He continues to put in good work to keep people in line, lead them, and deal with administrative matters, and as he does it, he has my full confidence and trust in making the right decisions. I am happy to have had him for almost a year now as my ASL, and in the 29th for two. Happy 29th Birthday, and congratulations on your WW1VM and 4th AOCC! Welcome to the rainbow club!”


Great stuff Cpl! Many more to come!

Congratulations Cpl!

Welcome to the club!

Congrats…it was great to have you as my SL/ASL of E4S2 :blush: