Two Years of Service (Fred Hanma)

PFC Barquest said:

As PFC Hanma Blazes a trail with his SMG of choice through the tight hallways of a house of his choosing I find myself impressed that all he’s left for the rest of the squad is a tail of bodies from his point of entry to his exit point. Whenever he goes to clear a building I instinctively ignore said building and go the clear another because I trust in the knowledge and skill of his “Light” AIT not to bother with stupid things like micromanaging his performance. Hanma is an formidable Soldier of the battlefield and is more then capable of pulling his own weight whether by himself or working with the squad. Congrates PFC Hanma on your 4th AOCC and your 1st WW1VM!

aocc_box ww1v

good work PFC!