Two Years of Service (George Bork)

Cpl. Winston said:

It’s hard to believe how long PFC Bork has been with DP2S1 and how much he has improved. When he first joined, Bork was a relatively quiet member and a decent rifleman. However, over time PFC Bork has improved drastically in his gameplay skills to become an excellent machine gunner for the squad. Nowadays, I can always rely on Bork to pick up his MG and sufficiently hold whatever angle or do any task that I ask of him. Furthermore, PFC Bork has opened himself up much more and has become one of the most easily recognizable and enjoyable personalities in the entirety of DP2S1. So congrats PFC Bork on reaching two whole years in the unit and earning your fourth AOCC as well as your first WW1 Victory Medal!

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