Two Years of Service (George S. Lebedev)

T/5 Blackburn said

Cpl. Lebedev has now been with the 29th for two years but even though I should remember the time he was a private I can only imagine the experienced Cpl. Lebedev. He blows stuff up good with his GLs and leads his squad to destroying the enemy with no mercy. And at the same time he is a very positive guy for the unit always making drills fun and making new recruits get the training they need in BCT. Two years in the unit gets him his fourth AOCC and his first WW1 victory medal. Congratulations Cpl. Lebedev!



old man

congrats bud

Ez w

Поздравления, Cpl. Lebedev! Wouldn’t have anyone else as a GRU spying on me!

Thank you brother you are my favorite Estonian citizen