Two Years of Service (Greg Roman)

PFC Cheek said:

T/5 RomanT/5 Roman has been with the squad for a few months now, joining at a time where our numbers were just starting to dip down however he slotted into his new squad well, choosing to stay rifleman, and help solidify the backbone of the squad at a time when it was desperately needed. During the time he has been with the squad he has consistently shown to be plenty capable, allowing me to consider him the gemstone adjective of ‘reliable’, which in the times of scrim prep has shown to be invaluable. As EP1 platoon clerk he has allowed our HQ to focus on their own duties, helping to continue the smooth running of the platoon even under these stressful times. Congratulations to T/5 Roman on his second AOCC with the squad and the 4th overall and an accompanying WW1 Victory Medal!.


Congrats T/5! Lets go for another 2 year.

2 years already? Old man