Two Years of Service (Jake A. Marchbank)

Cpl. Martin said:

I must say it really doesn’t feel like 2 years have gone by, but when I look back I can see a very different person that the one that started in 2021. PFC Marchbank has more than distinguished himself on an off the field. He is a massive support to his squad and has stuck with us through thick and thin. Through his hard work and vital input He was a key to our 3rd place victory in the DBots 2021 competition. Since then, he has matured immensely from being a very vocal, chatty private to now being a well-honed and disciplined soldier, who is fast shaping into a very capable leader. He has been able to take the lead on many occasions within Squad, Platoon and Company drills which has been most impressive! He has no fear and does not shy away from a challenge but is exploits as a rifleman have also greatly improved and his is someone who can fully be relied on in battle. This is why it gives me great pride to award PFC Marchbank his 4th AoCC and 1st WW1 Victory Medal! Congratulations PFC, keep leading, coordinating and please try to stay alive!

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