Two Years of Service (John Bedekovich)

Sgt. Kal said:

PFC Bedekovich, a name not only known in the company, but also throughout the unit and outside of it. He has accomplished this by always doing more than required. The PFC makes his own Arma campaigns for the unit to enjoy, and he frequently represents the 29th during large events. And he has been doing this for a while now. Two years to be exact. Congratulations on your fourth Army of Occupation medal and your first World War 1 victory medal. Welcome to the rainbow club PFC!

aocc_box ww1v

mmm rainbow. Congrats!

Congratulations PFC!
Welcome to the rainbow club!

Congrats mate!


Very nice. Congratulations Beda.
Don’t close the sog server yet. I haven’t joined :smile:

A rising star, happy rainbow, congratulations!

You’re getting old PFC Bedekovich, congratulations!