Two Years of Service (Jonathan O. Bukey)

Cpl. Forest said:

Oh Sgt. Bukey. He’s joined shortly before me back in the distant past of late 2020. We were both privates getting absolutely slapped down by the members of the 29th, although he seemed to handle it a lot better and quicker than I. He quickly took on the grenadier AIT and continued on with the short tradition of EP3S1’s grenadiers going into leadership. He seemed to outpace myself quite rapidly and became what, the sadly now MIA, Sgt. Mortem might call a “core member.” He joined SLT shortly after given the opportunity and because of it, has hit his stride and found the best position for himself within the unit. I’m extremely happy to have him as a squad-mate and as a buddy. Congratulations again on your 2 years and your simultaneous promotion Sgt. Bukey!