Two Years of Service (Julek E. Kabloski)

Cpl. Argerham said:

T/5 Kabloski is without a doubt one of the core members of FP2S3, if not 2nd Battalion as a whole. A true standup individual with a penchant for mentoring the burgeoning users of the Combat Engineer AIT, Kabloski is always ready to provide constructive comments and answer questions. Though he has only been with FP2S3 for a short time I personally have known him for much longer. Seeing as T/5 Kabloski is the reason for my joining the 29th I’ll always feel a deeply held gratitude for introducing me to such an eclectic, and fine fellowship. I truly cannot imagine the 29th without you Kabloski, congratulations on 2 years, I hope to be here for the next one!