Two Years of Service (Lukas Fossi)

2Lt. Griffin said:

It has truly been a pleasure to watch the growth and progress of Cpl. Fossi during his first two years with us here in DP1S3, right out the gate he showed a high level of skill, communication and eagerness to learn and progress, during that time he has grown beyond that of just of an attending member, and is now considered one of the senior leaders within the Platoon, forges his own path for himself and his squad, and we are glad to have him, congratulate him on the award his of first WWI victory medal and fourth AOCC!

aocc_box ww1v

Congratulations on your first rainbow Cpl!

Congratulations Cpl. Couldn’t be happier about you as S3 leader and your progress, keep up the good work (and the pasta eating) :smiley:

Welcome to the rainbow club Cpl. Fossi!