Two Years of Service (Markus F. Holtz)

Cpl. Barquest said:

It feels like forever when i 1st met PFC Holtz when i was in S4 as a fellow CE still working towards my own marksman badge when i first met PFC Holtz. I was at first, impressed with his ability to effectively use the rifle grenade on the MAS rifle accurately, then jealous and annoyed with his ability to effectively kill me each round, sometimes on live. Now with Myself being the ASL to DP3S2 i dont have to worry about such silly things as i laugh with glee as i watch PFC Holtz blow people with with his skill with the rifle grenade, knowing that’s one less person i have to deal with on that particular round! Congratulations PFC Holtz on your fourth AOCC and I hope to see you around for another 4!

Congrats on the rainbow, PFC!
I’m sure we’ll see many more.

Thanks T/5!