Two Years of Service (Martin Kopáč)

Cpl. Martin said:

T/5 Kopáč has really impressed me in the last few years with the way he is able to step into roles and support the 29th in many different capacities. From his Lighthouse work as a drill instructor, to running practices for DBotS and taking on the squad in many different drills, I have seen a vast number of changes in this guy. He is now a T/5 and I could not be more proud. I have seen him run some inventive drills as well as take on different criticism that he has not allowed to slow him down. He is a good listener and fast learner, who can adapt much better to situation than when he first started. His devotion to the squad really shows with his contribution to our morale. He is an all-round jack of all trades and he is pretty mean as a deadly CE. I still wouldn’t want to get caught in his barrage! This was apparent in the last DBotS 2022 were his dedication to the cause saw him practice an almost impossible shot that resulted in an effective defeat of the enemy. So proud and cannot wait to see where he will be in the next year. Therefore, I am proud to award him his 4th AOCC and 1st WW1 victory medal! Congratulations T/5, keep up the good work and continue to send those thumps, fat and heavy down range!

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Congrats T/5 Kopáč, welcome to the rainbow club!

Congratulations T/5 Kopáč!