Two Years of Service (Rich H. Palladino)

Cpl. Hamilton said:

T/5 Palladino and I go back a bit to when I was fresh into SLT and thrown into an ASL position under SSgt. Gibson. He was transferred into the squad from EP1 and immediately proved to be a great fit. His skills and positive attitude greatly contributed to the squad. For a time, he was one of our GLs and made a name for himself shooting people and blowing things up. After a while he showed some leadership abilities and eventually as my ASL, helped lead the squad through thick and thin. Though life has made it so he had to step down from leadership; he continues to be a vital part of our squad and has been contributing his time and skills to the 29th for 2 years now. Congratulations on your 4th AoCC and World War I Victory medal!

Congratulations on those well deserved medals T/5 Palladino