Two Years of Service (Richard J. Norris)

2Lt. Falenty said:

What is that I spy on the horizon? Looks like a myriad of colours strewn across a space. And none other than Cpl. Norris is standing next to it. I wonder what that entails? Let’s have a look then. Squad Leader of Second Squad? That’s good. 99% attendance overall? Stellar, but doesn’t seem to be what we’re looking for. Ah, there it is. 2 Full years of service, plus some change. What a record that is to look at. Furthermore, that means there’s only 1 answer to the question from before. It is in fact the sight of a rainbow I’m seeing over Norris’s shoulders.

Cpl. Norris, Congratulations on your 4th Army of Occupation Medal, and your first World War 1 Victory Medal. Welcome to the rainbow club!

aocc_box ww1v

Congratulations Cpl. Norris You are a amazing squad leader and fun drill leader.