Two Years of Service (Richard T. Vu)

Sgt. Tilley said:

PFC Vu may be a new name to some of you, and an old one to others. Yes, he’s been around now for a total of 2 years, but his service was split by a discharge some time ago. Thankfully, this stellar squad member has come back home and contributes much to the squad. He is an excellent rifleman and can be comfortably trusted alone with a flank. With two years of service under his belt, he is eligible to receive his 4th Army of Occupation Medal. Hitting this milestone, he now joins the old breed, and is also receiving his first World War 1 Victory Medal. Congratulations PFC!

aocc_box ww1v

mosin man! congrats on the rainbow

even though you use the worst guns possible, you’re still a G. Congratulations!