Two Years of Service (Robert Friedrich)

Cpl. Martin said:

It is wild to think that this PFC has been here for 2 years. From the months of S4 to now S1 it has been a wild ride. He surely is a joy to have around and is very keen in boosting the morale of the squad on a regular basis with his hilarious memes. He is the meme king no doubt! But he is also a crack shot and one hell of a pilot. Over 2 years his knowledge of the game and abilities as air support have hit astronomical heights! It no secret that this PFC has more than made his mark in S1 and DP1 too for that matter. He has shown once again how in 2 years his skill has superseded all expectations with his recent 3 on 1 DBOTS win! I am also proud of the progress he has made in leadership to the point that I am proud to call him my ASL. For this I am pleased to award him his 4th AoCC! Congratulations PFC Friedrich you are a true legend! Keep flying high and leading without fear!

aocc_box ww1v

Congratulations PFC Friedrich, keep them east german memes coming :wink: !

Nice Rainbow you earned there PFC Friedrich, Congratulations!