Two Years of Service (Stephen J. Taylor)

T/5 Abramovich said:

What can I say about Cpl. Taylor, Capitalist, Turkish(Somehow idk), and a good SL. Ever since the American joined EP1S2 we’ve been fully Americanised, Colonised, and got our oil stolen from us. Nevertheless Cpl. Taylor has done an amazing job with the squad and we all enjoy his presence and leadership. Even though his sort of a dictator without an ASL but that’s a different story. Cheers to two years our glorious lea… I mean Cpl. Taylor! The beloved EP1S2 SL!(Send help)


good work

Congrats Cpl!

Congratulations Corporal. Thank you for spending the last few months with us!

Rainbow road achieved.

Congratulations Cpl, even though you are not a dictator no more >:D

I see I have taught you well and you have established your Banana Republic in Europe successfully. From one dictat… I mean SL to another excellent work


2 years already! Dang, congrats!