Two Years of Service (Tim N. Steinbarth)

Cpl. Hatfield said:

Ahhhh, Cpl. Steinbarth. What can one even say about this weakened clone of Sgt. van Dongen, running about causing chaos. Regrettably being volun-told to be the ASL of an idiot, Cpl. Steinbarth took even that astride. Always willing to do his part to contribute to EP1’s traditions of delinquency, degeneracy and disgust he quickly promoted the idea that SL’s should be called “Daddy” and now here we are living in the world he’s created for us.
Truly, existence is hell.
Congrats on your AOCC Cpl. Steinbarth, may you continue to curse the 29th with many more!

aocc_box ww1v

Congratulations, favorite German. You better not leave us anytime soon!


Daddy? No clue who that is 0-0

I publicly deny to have any involvement in the “Daddy”-Situation

Word, anyway congrats!

Congrats, Cpl!