Two Years of Service (Tomáš Sklepek)

WO1 Meerts said:

PFC Sklepek has truly been a great and impactful thing to happen to the unit, a veritable rising star. Starting with expert skill as a rifleman, and a budding crewman career despite tough competition in his platoon, he quickly took up the mantle of leadership with great aptitude. While he had experienced members to learn from, that also left him with great shoes to fill. Yet he has risen to the challenge like no other. And I can think of no greater challenge to fill than to wrangle the notorious third squad into a skilled and controlled force, yet it was another challenge PFC Sklepek rose to. It takes great care and skill to find a balance that lets his subordinates both have their fun, and become focused and disciplined when needed. Through this great leadership, I have seen members mature at an impressive pace and ultimately show great promise as potential leadership themselves. And I believe we have to thank PFC Sklepek’s hand in this, in a way that few others could parallel. Such great achievements and promise in your first two years, PFC, I cannot wait to see what the future brings! Congratulations on your 4th Army of Occupation Medal, 1st WW1 Victory Medal, and welcome to the rainbow club!

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Congrats PFC Sklepek, welcome to the club


Congratulations PFC Sklepek. It was an honor seeing you grow over the past 2 years and I am sure to leave S3 in good hands. Also thank you for Ford Focus memes :joy: !