Two Years of Service (William A. Hatfield)

Cpl. Dimitrov said:

Cpl. Hatfield is one hell of a guy. Unfortunately I didn’t meet him in BCT but he, just like everyone else, had to go through it and fortunately enough passed it. Eventually he realized he will not support his country, but he’ll become one of those Europeans. Regardless, he tried to be the worst squadmate yet to no avail. Here he is now, in leadership. Nevertheless, his leadership skills are marvelous, he leads our beloved EP1S1 with precision and confidence, that’s why he probably thinks we’re the best squad. We can also mention something about his superb rifleman skills. Never has he thought of falling back, he’s one of those soldiers who will follow orders no matter what. But apart from all that, he has tortured himself for quite some time, for so long that it is time for us to award him his 4th AoCC and 1st rainbow. We know you suffer Cpl. Hatfield, but we all deeply love you, without showing it, hope to see you for many more AoCCs, congratulations!


Don’t leave us Corporal. Congratulations!

Congratulations Cpl. Hatfield

congratulations Cpl - your the best man to lead EPS1 and your calming and dulcet tones have a positive impact on us all.