Two Years of Service (Willson W. Wilbury)

PFC Suárez said:

PFC Wilbury being PFC Wilbury, I remember when I first meet him, during my first enlistment, him being the guy I knew the most because always been sent out with him. I knew him very well and knew why his promotion delayed. Nowadays, I only know him for been the “Aye aye” man, when ever I hear that, I know I can forget about him. He will secure the position he’s being sent to, he will wait cautiously for the enemy to get in the spot where he wants to eliminate it. As said, where ever I send him, I can already forget about him, PFC Wilbury will accomplish the mission with success and liberate communications and resources for any other tasks that they are needed for. Already two years, congratulations PFC Wilbury and congratulations for your entrance to the rainbow club. Many more to come I believe!!

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Congratulations PFC Wilbury and welcome to the rainbow club!