You know you are a member of the 29th when...

You call any anti-tank class in any game a “CE”.

You were looking for pictures to share, but they’re all just attendance screenshots.

You cancel IRL plans to go to a drill or scrim.

You get killed and don’t even know where the shots came from

You make new account on discourse before May 2021

You immediately look for a compass bearing in any game

“Well you know, back in baker…”

… you make a new account in a gaming community you discharged from years ago.

keep blaming OWI

You sit for an hour during drills trying to fix a map downloading error but to no avail.

Your PTS doesn’t get granted

You get another useless weapons pass

You give up reflexively whenever you get downed in any game

You make fun of Sgt. van Dongen’s driving

You press 5 and right click like 8 times during one drill.

When you have the 29th Web App on your phone’s home screen

When someone says HD referring to a hard drive and you think honorable discharge.

When “@all drills in 30 mins” appears in the bottom right of your screen.

When you say “off live” when referring to the start of a round in any game.

When you intentionally say “I’ll be at Vietnam” when people ask if you are available at a drill time

When you call every multiplayer game pub playing.