Die Hard Discussion

Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?


Could be…


Of course!

Soldiers of the 29th Infantry Division,

The only correct answer to this question is yes. There are too many facts and evidence that state Die Hard is indeed a Christmas Movie, likely one of the greatest Christmas Movie’s created.

  • Die Hard has incredible story telling, the story is set on Christmas Eve (December 24th). The fact this is literally the day before Christmas has very strong indications that this is a Christmas movie.
  • The start of the storyline is a father coming home for Christmas to see his wife and kids, as John is quite the softie.
  • Die Hard already has an incredible sound track, but to give us even more indications about whether or not it’s a Christmas movie, Die Hard starts and finished with a Christmas song.
  • Die Hard has strong feelings of love and family, which is what Christmas movies are all about.
  • It’s literally listed as a Christmas movie on several streaming platforms.

If you would like to fight your case that Die Hard is not a Christmas Movie, go ahead. I’m waiting.

While it has already been established that Die Hard is a Christmas movie, what we need now is a new question…

Is BFG Division a Christmas song?

Absolutely not. I’ve been to a Christmas Party and people have said “oh let me throw on some music” and never have I heard DOOM Music start playing through the speakers.

The Die Hard soundtrack on the other hand will likely be acceptable to play at a party.

You’re going to the wrong Christmas parties, then.

Never watched it, however, I will watch it tonight and come back with my answer tomorrow morning.

Edit : It is

This is correct

Its a Christmas movie

Of course it is

To me, it is a Zarathosht Diso movie and I am rather irked by the cultural appropriation linking it to x-mas

Here’s the real question though. Is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Christmas or Halloween movie?


how is this even a question? of course its an Xmas movie

Mclain even writes HO HO HO

after he gets a machinegun of course

While I do believe it to be a Christmas movie for the obvious reasons many have already stated. I also believe that theme is a Macguffin. You could easily rewrite the script to any other holiday or event and the main story wouldn’t really change much.

But the Christmas theme gives the movie its charm.

Now don’t get me started on gremlins…

You could, but a lot would have to be changed. So many of the legendary quotes such as “If This Is Their Idea Of Christmas, I Gotta Be Here For New Year’s.” wouldn’t exist if it was set on Easter or Halloween.

I don’t even think it should be classified as a movie. More like a poorly written sketch.