WARNO Tourney

I’ve realized that we have a large group of people that play WARNO. Anyone interested in a 3v3 tournament?

Figure we can do either a round robin with points or a random bracket depending on number of sign ups.

Wanted to gauge interest. Let me know below.

I am poor player, but why not. 3v3 or 2v2 sounds interesting.

Come one come all!

I would be in

Sign me up, I’d be proud to lose against any one of you.

You know I’m in!

The real question is Broken Arrow when

I’ll go for Fox representation

Sounds like fun count me in

I’m in

I’m trash but sure.

Count me in

I’m in. vote is for round robin

I am all in!

I’m in

I’m also in

Alright! Looks like we’ve got the potential of 4-5 teams coming along here. Here is a list of everyone who has expressed interest as well as draft of the rules, game, parameters, and scoring.

Everyone should take a look and create a team of 3 people and let me know who will be with what team. Either here or on Steam.

Looking to kick this thing off by October 1.

I’m interested! :slight_smile:

Okay, updated a few details on the spreadsheet.

REMINDER, if you want to play please look at the list and form a team. You need to reach out to each other, I’m not assigning teams. Notify me of the others on your team so we can get the tournament seeded and underway.

Last call for teams.

@ELEOS @Veil @Guallo @Younger @Shields @claymoreroomba @BusKetZz